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It shouldn’t be surprising that MONEXgroup is the fastest growing merchant services provider in Canada – MONEXgroup reviews the latest trends in Point-of-Sale (POS) debit and credit card terminal solutions to keep its rates for transactions low. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses looking to cut their operating costs without losing quality of service.


Leading Merchant Services Provider

This leading merchant services provider relies on outstanding technical support to build consumer trust and ultimately become the best choice for business payment terminal solutions. MONEXgroup includes the installation, maintenance and repair of POS technologies on-site at business location.


They have a rapid response policy which minimizes technical service downtime. To further build strong client relationships, MONEXgroup also offers training and installation services.

They offer on-site service that is the fastest in the industry, which has contributed to the various encouraging MONEXgroup reviews featured online, as well as their many satisfied clients, a number that continues to grow in North America.


Convenient Reporting System


Their online reporting system has easy-to-use tools to allow customers to better manage their information in the searchable Merchant Portal. Transactions can be found by card types, authorization codes, as well as by dates and amounts of purchases. MONEXgroup reviews new POS terminal and security industry developments to maintain its level of value to businesses looking to stay ahead in uncertain digital environments.


The Canadian Bankers Association estimated the 2013 cost of card fraud to be $29.5 million. Businesses and consumers are both protected because of the new national requirements to use payment terminal EMV chip technologies in order to help minimize card theft and counterfeiting risks. For the organizations concerned about the expense of changing to these freshly required terminals, MONEXgroup makes this POS switch both safe and affordable. To learn more about MONEXgroup’s security commitments and how you can supplement their measures to prevent fraud through proper processing procedures, visit


If you want to get beyond their detailed FAQ webpages, the MONEXgroup’s efficient and effective customer service is prompt at answering your questions. This is reassuring when “please hold” can be one of the most frustrating phrases to hear from the other end of the telephone line, especially when you’ve got a line up at your cash register. For well over a decade, they have been the country’s largest independent payment processor. Their competent Customer Service, proven expertise and innovative and secure technology, have all resulted in excellent MONEXgroup reviews from fellow business analysts.


Ranked #1 Payment Processor in Canada

These are several of the instrumental reasons why MONEXgroup was awarded and ranked as the #1 Payment Processor in Canada (by Businesses looking for even more incentive to switch should call: 1.866.767.7253 or visit the company website’s Limited Time Offer section. It is here that alongside their current promotion for receiving Visa/MasterCard processing rates from 1.26%, they are also hosting a giveaway for a free Xbox One when you switch to their POS solutions.

MONEXgroup Reviews based on Customer Experience


Swapping POS providers becomes even more appealing due to its unique offers that also keep pricing and fees low, but customer motivation to switch high. They currently service over 25,000 customers across a variety of industries: automotive, hospitality, e-commerce and restaurants, amongst many others. The MONEXgroup always places the business merchant first – providing high quality products and services to both small and multi-million dollar businesses (and everything in-between!). It is therefore understandable why MONEXgroup reviews continue to be positive amongst leaders in the industry.


The company’s online reporting system can give merchants powerful information at their fingertips, thus enhancing businesses’ financial breakdowns and ongoing activities. The data is consolidated, viewable online or imported into spreadsheets and accounting packages for personal analysis. These comprehensive reports allow consumers to analyze trends and forecast future business planning and decisions.


There is also no need to worry about MONEXgroup statement clarity – their modern consolidated reporting certainly factors into the great MONEXgroup reviews found across the web from customers, association members and industry watchdogs. Businesses can further manage their cash flow via the MONEXgroup’s transparent merchant statements.


Partnering with them means no hidden costs thanks to their clear and comprehensive pricing. With this prominent payment processing company, it is also easy to see your sales revenue quickly. MONEXgroup reviews your business needs to guarantee next day deposits, consistently and at the same time every day. All of the above is why they stand out as the best POS choice. Learn more at




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