In our analysis of the best e-commerce and virtual payment options, the MONEXgroup review we conducted had the most positive results – they have no hidden fees and not only do they have the lowest rates in the industry, their approval rating is high amongst other industry watchdog groups.


MONEXgroup Review by Customer Satisfaction


MONEXgroup processes hundreds of thousands of daily payments for Canadian merchants. They have a suite of integrated online payment products with E-Commerce Solutions. This helpful feature turns web browsers into buyers of a merchant’s products and services. This allows you to turn your website into a 24/7 marketplace – an incredibly essential feature in a digital world that doesn’t turn off when physical stores close.


Payment Processing Security


Some people worry about their financial security when it comes to online transactions – this MONEXgroup review seeks to lessen those fears, as their Orbital Payment Gateway Solutions are a PCI Compliant, secure and reliable solution for protecting cardholder information. They offer versatile payment options: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Network and Gift Cards. They store your customer information securely, supporting convenient repeat purchases.


This company uses advanced multi-layer security and risk management tools to protect your business and cardholder data. They utilize advanced encryption technology and fraud detection software to safeguard clients’ and customers’ sensitive information. Further adding to our positive MONEXgroup review is their end-to-end network connectivity, which eliminates third-party gateway costs.


Looking for an online payment service that supports Verified by Visa and MasterCard SureCode plugins? MONEXgroup does, providing protection from chargebacks. They also offer the option to configure and thus limit the information viewable/accessible to system users.


Something we also like to consider when evaluating a company’s performance and overall rating is how they fare with regards to community support. This MONEXgroup review also seeks to highlight the company’s corporate social responsibility, as it supports several charities. MONEXgroup goes beyond financial donations. This past December, they held a clothing drive for Eva’s Initiatives youth shelters and got employees involved serving lunch at their shelters. In the past they’ve also supported Daily Food Bank, Light the Night and the Canadian Cancer Society. This work is featured on their Community Support website.


We have more good things to say in our MONEXgroup review with regards to their employee satisfaction levels. They do a lot for engagement internally, keeping morale high with weekly home-cooked lunches. Every Friday, there’s a potluck lunch featuring a variety of international delicious and healthy foods. This helps to represent the unified and diverse workplace formed by the MONEXgroup Merchant Services team.


This MONEXgroup review also mentions their frequent team-building events. Every team manager is tasked with delivering fun office activities like off-site excursions and their weekly top performers across several categories will spin the “Wheel of Fortune,” determining their reward, which is announced by the Marketing team in their weekly newsletter.


Adam Lang, Marketing Manager spoke to us about what appeals to him with working at MONEXgroup. “Participating in these sorts of volunteering and team-building events makes me feel connected to my co-workers, we don’t just work together – we’re good friends. This really helps boost my commitment level as an employee and reaffirms I’ve made the right decision to work at MONEXgroup.”


Lang also commented on MONEXgroup’s comprehensive POS Solutions training, as well as teaching employees how the payment processing industry works and the technologies available. Such a culture of learning is something that many tech-savvy millennials seek in their workplaces.

Leading in Payment Processing Technology


Embracing the modern e-commerce and virtual payment climate is core for any payment processor business in 2016. In addition to the above discussion around those digital areas, MONEXgroup also proves their digital prowess through their use of Bluetooth and GPRs technologies in their Payment On-the-Go terminals, a handy feature for cab companies, delivery services and salons that have multiple contractors operating in the same physical space juggling many clients. They even present the option of using your iOS, Android or tablet to process payments.


Their versatility as a payment processor company, community support and employee engagement efforts are all commendable. In our overall MONEXgroup review we are happy to say that this independent company wholeheartedly embraces all of these elements, setting them apart from their competition and ensuring their position as the #1 payment processor in Canada.

MONEXgroup Review
Customer Service95%
Technical Support98%
Competitive Price100%
  • Competitive Rates
  • Offering Secure Technology
  • Grat Customer Service
95%Overall Score
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