MONEX Group in the past 14 years in the payment processing and merchant services has grown to become the leading POS solution in Canada. The online exposure, field experience and customer service have created a significant branding with optimistic MONEX Group Review page on the official site:

Reliability, Durability and Flexibility

The MONEX Group Review relies on the simplicity, reliability, durability and flexibility of merchant services. The acceptance of Debit and Credit card payments through various payment methods including: Countertop Terminals, Wireless Solutions, Mobile Checkout, Integrated Solutions, E-Commerce Solutions and Virtual Terminals, have become secure with the help of MONEX Group.

The MONEX Group Review accounts for the merchant’s need in processing payments for their daily business activities. And because every business differentiates itself in the market, MONEX Group Review was ranked as the best chosen merchant service provider; mainly due to delivering speed of service and accuracy of payment processing.

The years of experience in the Canadian market, the public rating by industry type, the level of support received to merchants and the benefit of next day deposits are the top criteria in assessing the MONEX Group performance. Thus, the MONEX Group Review was constantly updating its public profile, improving the brand image and emphasizing on the need of right exposure.

This has made MONEX Group grow and prosper in the Canadian economy with great savings generated to their merchants. The MONEXgroup Review is therefore evaluated on the business model which has proven to be the most cost-effective, efficient and smart in every aspect of the business.

MONEX Group Review According to the

According to the, the MONEX Group Review was given the highest monthly ratings in POS Solutions, Merchant Services, Countertop Payments, Online and Wireless Solutions. Not just that, the MONEX Group Review for the year 2015, has accounted for substantial growth in its online presence through the digital media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest…etc. The number of online impressions, daily engagements and conversions to the website has added value to the MONEX Group Review.

Led by the Community and delivering great support to the community social responsibility (CSR) events, this is another note to add to the professional presence of the MONEX Group Review. Every year, MONEX Group participates in community services events in Canada, namely: the Food Bank Annual Campaign, the Academic Schooling Internship Programs and other social, educational and society building events.

The MONEX Group Review was further evaluated on the level of tech support offered to the merchant at the time of sign-up, at installation and during downtime periods. No business owner would like to stop processing transactions due to downtime. Similarly, no customer would like to wait in queue to obtain their goods and services. By building a mutual benefit to the owner and the end consumer, the MONEX Group Review was enhanced for its 24/7/365 Tech Support, Online Reporting, Dedicated Constant Service and Next Day Deposits.

The promptness of service, great savings and reliability of performance is what MONEX Group excels at. Whether it’s a small business, partnership, manufacturing, enterprise or a corporation, the MONEX Group Review will continue to grow among different business strategically and geographically. In fact, MONEX Group has added tremendous efforts to reach the Canadian Business owner in every single region. This requires a smart strategy, marketing efforts and advertising to make it work.

Now that most of the merchants learn about the MONEX Group, it’s time for the public to rate the MONEX Group Review according to the brand image, the level of service and the technology provided in the payment processing solutions.

Public MONEX Group Review:

When switching to MONEX Group, merchants are taking the opportunity to partner with the #1 POS Provider in Canada.

As the leading merchant service provider, the MONEX Group Review provides an online platform through Social Media channels to allow the public to share their thoughts.

Moreover, satisfied merchants are offered with an intuitive testimonial expressing their partnership experience with the MONEX Group.


Type: Privately Held Company in Canada

Headquarters: 301-5075 Yonge Street North York, ON M2N 6C6 Canada

Founded: MONEX Group was established in the year 2001 in Canada as an independent merchant service provider.

MONEX Group Review Based on Customer Experience
Customer Service90%
  • Reliability
  • Simplicity
  • Flexibility
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