Small Business Owner’s MONEX Group Review Highlights Superior Customer Service
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When I first saw MONEX Group’s incredibly competitive rates for credit card transactions, I began to re-consider my point of sale (POS) provider I was with at the time. Then after learning they had a Better Business Bureau A+ rating, watching their many customer testimonial videos and reading more than one positive MONEX Group review online, I called them up to learn more about my options as a small business owner.


I run my own independent record store and since there are so many things to juggle as a manager (marketing is a full-time job on its own!), it’s important for me to have a seamless operations experience when it come to my POS options.

MONEX Group Review based on Customer Service


I would say that their terrific customer service is my primary reason for giving my own exceptional MONEX Group Review and writing this piece of article. The quick response times by their service reps put my nerves at ease when I’m having an in-store issue. There isn’t nearly as much stress when their friendly and helpful agents can talk you through things like foreign, confusing error messages or terminal connections failing. The on-site responses from their team have also been great at reminding me I made the right choice.


As I mentioned before, the customer testimonial videos were a factor in my decision to switch POS providers – it really made their superb customer service feedback seem more real for me. One MONEX Group Review video that really appealed to me was this one from Tangled Hair Studio. She discusses in her testimonial how the statements are “simple to read and understand,” which is very appealing to me as understanding finances has never been my strong point. Sometimes I would find myself up late in the evenings trying to review statements and feeling overwhelmed, but since I switched to MONEX Group my month-end reporting has never been so simplistic!


Their statement clarity is profound and the level of transparency is very reassuring as a small business owner that does so much on my own. MONEX Group’s service is 100% transparent – their fees are very affordable and none are hidden, which means no surprises when I see my monthly debit and credit card rate totals.


Competitive Pricing


My positive MONEX Group Review is further enhanced by their competitive pricing. Running a small record store in a digital music age and economic downturn, sales aren’t always high. So to not worry about steep credit card transaction rates every month helps me relax when profits aren’t peaking.


I don’t ever feel like I’ve been overcharged by the MONEX Group with regards to their pricing fees. This factor definitely plays a role in me giving an A+ MONEX Group Review because I feel like I can trust them to provide the best pricing and service for my business. This helps me have flexibility with other bills, like newspaper ad space or vinyl shipments. Knowing that they have been the #1 independent payment processor in Canada for over a decade also makes me feel like they can relate to my experience as an individual business owner.


Technical Support


I also get this connected feeling whenever I need to have someone on-site for technical support. I don’t feel talked down to or treated like I’m dumb for not being able to solve tech issues, even the ones that just involve a system restart or other simple fix. This relatability factor really adds to my great MONEX Group Review because they make me feel like they’ve been in my shoe before. I had one agent in particular who was really encouraging and gave me a high five when we figured things out – warm and friendly customer service really makes a difference.


One more thing I’d like to discuss in my MONEX Group Review is their high level of transaction security. Although they’re an independent POS company, I feel just as secure using their terminals as I would with one of the more expensive, big brand providers. When we were in the process of switching to chip reader machines, I really felt like it was a step in the right direction vs. another expense to add to my list. If you’re a small business owner and decide to make the switch to MONEX Group, I don’t think you’ll regret it – I haven’t!




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