The Best Payment Processing Companies US should take as many measures as possible to reduce consumer security risks. Synthetic identity fraud occurs when a fictitious identity is used to steal personal information. These sneaky fraudsters will construct new identities via a blend of factual and fabricated info and sometimes these new characters are completely fake. Then the identity thieves will use the bogus personality to receive credit cards, deposit accounts and even photo identification pieces such as passports or drivers’ licenses.


Payment Processing Security


This synthetic identity theft trend has been increasing steadily in the last decade, it is thought that this fraudulent business generates billons per year, accounting for nearly 85 percent of the more than 16 million annual ID thefts in the United States (US). This largely stems from misused Social Security Numbers (SSN) to obtain credit card numbers. Even when you’re careful with your and your family members’ SSNs, as a consumer, you may wonder what the most secure payment options are for you. In reviewing the Best Payment Processing Companies US we found that Canadian-based MONEXgroup is an ideal choice. MONEXgroup ensures your debit; credit card and personal information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.


Canada outperforms the US in the fight against debit card processing scams through the use of secure payment options. To select the Best Payment Processing Companies US we’re drawn to our northern neighbour’s initiatives to improve Point of Sale (POS) and card technology. MONEXgroup uses secure payment options, which are fortified with high-tech securities. This helps to make credit card fraud more challenging in Canada. In comparison, the United States often relies on the less secure and outdated magnetic strip technology. This is certainly a contributing factor in the high rates of identity fraud here.


Credit and debit card fraud is at an all-time low in Canada. The Best Payment Processing Companies US should also embrace EMV technology, like Toronto-based MONEXgroup which serves over 25,000 merchants and also has American customers. This company utilizes the latest wireless payment technology via the iWL250. This features advanced security standards and a lightning fast cellular network connection. The iWL250 is also capable of handling customers instantly and portable enough to function in most environments.


Their secure services go beyond savvy chip card readers and Bluetooth terminals to include e-commerce checkout solutions. No wonder they are the #1 independent payment processor in Canada. To ensure their top ranking amongst the Best Payment Processing Companies US  always establishes a relationship with customers and merchants based on trust.


Their customer service quality is very high, with many options for consumers to reach their helpful customer service representatives – live chat, telephone and e-form contact opportunities. MONEXgroup’s agents will discuss client options to ensure their needs are met successfully.


Evaluating the Best Payment Processing Companies US


These sorts of versatile partnership choices for both merchants and customers enhance companies high status amongst the Best Payment Processing Companies US list. They have no hidden fees and make clear efforts to engage their employees in team building exercises, volunteering events and even hosting weekly lunches for their staff.


This is an endearing feature in the e-commerce market, especially you read negative news stories about companies that treat their employees like the numbers in transactions happening across their e-platforms (if they even refer to them as “employees” vs “contractors). This reliable value is also evident in their transparency measures in statements – clarity is top-of-mind in their entire Merchant Portal.


This easy-to-use domain utilizes handy consolidated data and comprehensive reporting to eliminate confusion, allowing their many customers to evaluate sales revenue easily. Sales revenue analysis is even more simplified with their efficient next-day deposits, ideal in a fast-moving precarious digital climate.


From their secure transaction options, sublime customer service and transparent pricing, companies entices American customers to look to the Great White North for the Best Payment Processing Companies US and in North America. As many people – customers and merchants alike – try to reduce the risk of synthetic identity fraud, utilizing things like EMV chip cards and a POS company that does whatever it can to protect your information, brings this common risk even lower.




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