MONEXgroup Scores Top Spot Amongst Best Payment Processing Companies Canada
Customer Service98%
Technical Support92%
Competitive Price98%
  • Competitive Rates
  • Offering Secure Technology
  • Flexibility
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Haw you ever wondered what is top best payment processing companies Canada ?. In a competitive national industry, it can be challenging to pick the right business options for yourself – whether you’re a small merchant or a multi-million-dollar company.

Top Spot Amongst Best Payment Processing Companies Canada

We’d like to facilitate the decision-making process for you by presenting why MONEXgroup tops our Association’s List of Best Payment Processing Companies Canada there are Five Reasons why:


  • MONEXgroup takes the highest spot in our ranking of Best Payment Processing Companies Canada because of its history of success. In business since 2001, this company is the largest independent payment processing company in the country.


This proven experience and their over 25,00 satisfied clients reinforces their elevated status in the point of sale (POS) terminal sales industry. Pioneers in POS technology, they specialize in e-commerce, integrated solutions, countertop terminals, wireless solutions, virtual terminals and mobile checkout.


  • To be able to rank so high amongst the Best Payment Processing Companies Canada is because MONEXgroup’s customer service really sets them apart. They go far beyond contracts, forming business relationships and making personal connections so that they can understand and predict your needs as a merchant.


Customer Support

They take pride in providing this level of outstanding customer support and have a perfect record of addressing any complaints. Their service reps are accessible via telephone or live chat, an essential and accessible customer service medium in the modern age. This allows for prompt resolution of any issues, creating happy clients.


One such satisfied customer is the Canadian fast food chain, Hero Certified Burgers. They belong to the many video testimonials featuring Monexgroup’s clients who recognize them amongst the Best Payment Processing Companies Canada and a leader of payment technology in North America.


  • If you’re looking for a POS terminal sales company you can trust, MONEXgroup is the one. They fully comply and adhere strictly with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) Code of Conduct. If you do have any complaints as a merchant, MONEXgroup will work with you towards a resolution and make the process simplified via their online form. This is certainly a factor in their increased customer satisfaction rating and their top spot claim in our Best Payment Processing Companies Canada list.


Their transparent pricing level is also unparalleled – there are no hidden fees on their statements, which are easy-to-read and understand. They have consolidated and comprehensive data which allows for accessible trend analysis for you as a business owner. This quality is further enhanced via their searchable Merchant Portal. It is here that you can find transactions by authorization codes, card types and sales totals. This helps keep the guessing out of any issues you may have as their customer.


  • To further push you in the right direction in selecting the right POS terminal company for your business, we have to mention MONEXgroup’s efficient next day deposits. This feature really reinforces their asset to you as a merchant as you can see your sales revenue very quickly. This excellent benefit helps with ensuring cash flow reliability, forecasting future trends and reassuring that you’ve made the right choice.


  • To round out our list of reasons why MONEXgroup is front row centre of the Best Payment Processing Companies Canada we need to highlight all the “gravy” poured for their customer. Currently, MONEXgroup is offering Limited Time Offers with incentives like a Free Xbox One if you were to make the switch right now. They further entice clients with terrific Referral Rewards – you can earn up to $200 per referral! Who doesn’t like free money? We’re in!

Payment Technology

They really know how to embrace the digital age beyond online featured promotions, mobile payment technology services and e-statements. The MONEXgroup finds many digital mediums to successfully engage with their customers. To learn more about their business options for you as a merchant, visit their website. This is full of helpful information, FAQs, industry resource pages (automotive, hospitality, e-commerce, etc.) and links to all their social media pages.


When a market is flooded with consumer options it can be difficult to feel like you’ve made the right decision when you’ve selected your POS terminal provider. It is with this review we’d like to confirm the best choice for you, as MONEXgroup is #1 amongst the Best Payment Processing Companies Canada and in North America.



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